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Applied Behavior Analysis 

Experienced ABA Specialists

ABA methods have been supported by hundreds of scientific studies from a variety of sources from educational to institutional levels, spanning the past five decades and have been found to be effective by numerous agencies and organizations.

ABA is a scientific approach for:
• Researching the relationship between client’s behaviors and their environments
• Designing personalized methods to change behavior based on research and experience
• Applying these methods to improve behaviors that are important in our clients’ lives

At Developmental Pathways, our ABA training and treatment programs focus on applying behavior methods to help improve the maladaptive behaviors, as well as the overall quality of life, of individuals with autism and other special needs. Our goal is to increase independent living skills for those with autism spectrum disorder, to make our clients as independent as possible with ABA therapy.

Through reinforcement, ABA focuses on replacing maladaptive behaviors with functional and socially acceptable behaviors. This ensures that our clients can access multiple environments and be receptive to learning in schools, daycares, homes, and even at work. We are dedicated to increasing functional communication so that each client can communicate their wants and needs effectively. This can be through picture communication, through the use of an augmentative device, or by using sign language.

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The goal of ABA treatment is to find what motivates and interests each child so that they evolve into a more independent individual! Developmental Pathways is the premiere provider of intensive, early behavior intervention that is individualized to meet the unique needs of each individual child and their respective families. Our experienced professionals include Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), who design and supervise the behavior intervention services.

In general, ABA involves rewarding individuals for appropriate behavior and not rewarding their problematic behaviors. Parents, family members, teachers, classroom aides, therapists, and others can learn how to use these practical ABA methods to help change individuals' lives for the better.

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