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Applied Behavior Analysis 

Experienced ABA Specialists

At Developmental Pathways, we work to reduce maladaptive behaviors, increase functional communication, and increase independent living skills for those with autism spectrum disorder. Our ultimate goal is to make our clients as independent as possible with aba therapy. We are located in Panaroma City, which is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley Region of Los Angeles County.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Through reinforcement, ABA focuses on replacing maladaptive behaviors with functional and socially acceptable behaviors. This ensures that our clients can access multiple environments and be receptive to learning in schools, daycares, homes, and even at work. We are dedicated to increasing functional communication so that each client can communicate their wants and needs effectively. This can be through picture communication, through the use of an augmentative device, or by using sign language.

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